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Are you looking for your first house, the prices too expensive, then why not look at our options and solutions, with the ever increasing cost of housing, the first time buyer or younger generation need cost effective solutions to get onto the housing market. We can supply a simple studio, a single bedroom, or multiple bedroom homes for whatever your requirements are.



Need a office at the house, want to place an office at a location, then why not call us and see what we can do for you. Our offices can be for multiple people, or simply individual place you want to call yourwork spot. Why have expensive renovations or long rents when you could have your own office at a fraction of the cost to a standard office solution.

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Pop up shops/cafes/


One of our specialties is to look at ways to invest in businesses. Are you looking to have a small shop to test your concept, a coffee house or café whereby you can get a foot into the local market. A small food and beverage outlet or mobile restaurant to build your idea, concept or brand, then you need to have a chat with us.

Corporate hospitality

We build some way out there concepts for corporate hospitality. If you want to be seen, then we need to build it, or think out the box for you. Imagine 3 stories high looking out over your favourite sport event, or at your corporate event. Imagine what people will see when you have the most awesome location and facility you could think of. You don’t have to have an old boring tent, why not go special and be inventive, be different, stand-out form the rest.


There is nothing that we cant do at think out the boxx, hence the name. if you want us to come up with ideas then lets have a chat. Some of the things we do are:

Made to





  • swimming pools and saunas

  • artwork and art galleries

  • brand exposure opportunities

  • solution management

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